McLaughlin Auto Wreckers

With over 50 years in business, we are your number one choice. We strive to provide you with the absolute best service with by far the lowest shop rate around!

We offer vehicle and brake inspections, oil changes, seasonal tire swaps and even tire storage! We're also a scrap yard, and we buy used autos and scrap metal. We offer free local pick-up for scrap-cars!

Our belief is that there is a solution for every problem, and finding the right experts is the key. That's why we exist! Feel free to reach out to us for a quote on most vehicle services!

Please contact us if you have any questions/inquiries. 

A lot of people don't realize that we have a shop as well as our scrap yard, but we are fully equipped and are absolutely always welcoming new customers! Our team is highly experienced and only provide excellence! You can call us anytime to inquire about our services or to request a quote for almost any job, before you decide on booking an appointment! With a $90/hour shop rate, we offer a wide range of vehicle services, including but not limited to:

Seasonal Tire Changes

Winter/Summer Tire Swap $40 - on rims $80 - off rims We don't need much notice to get you an appointment for this service! Give us a call to get booked now!

Seasonal Tire Storage

Need somewhere to store your tires? We got you! Only $40/season! Tires can take up a lot of space at your house...but we have LOTS of space here to store them for you!

Brake & Vehicle Inspections

Brake inspections and certified safety inspections available, as well as annual yellow sticker inspections! Call us to book your vehicle in for a brake inspection, and we'll waive the inspection fee if you get the work done!

We Pay You

Top prices paid for scrap autos & steel

Used Auto Parts

Quality used parts with a 30 day warranty


We offer free local pick-up of scrap cars